Glass Beads: Post Number 1

Something I am just starting to get into, is making glass lampwork beads.

The Start of a Bead Rainbow

A few years ago, Mum bought us (me) a kit to make lampwork beads after we saw someone demonstrating it at a craft fair. We both instantly wanted to have a go. We didn’t really get into it too much to start with because the little cans of MAPP gas were so expensive we just couldn’t do much. Recently however, we bought an adapter and it’s allowed us to use a much bigger, cheaper gas tank and so we can do much more with it.

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Button Drawing/Push Pins

Ok here goes…

So this is something I did years ago with the intention of putting it on a blog: Brightly coloured button drawing pins (push pins in America I believe). I love them, they work really well on my “Corkboard of Inspiration” where I stick up pictures of things I like/want to do, pretty postcards/gift tags I get, all that sort of stuff.

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