Button Drawing/Push Pins

Ok here goes…

So this is something I did years ago with the intention of putting it on a blog: Brightly coloured button drawing pins (push pins in America I believe). I love them, they work really well on my “Corkboard of Inspiration” where I stick up pictures of things I like/want to do, pretty postcards/gift tags I get, all that sort of stuff.

I bought a bag of mixed bright buttons from Ebay. That way I had a collection of buttons that already went together pretty well, but you could use whatever buttons you wanted to as long as they have a flat back.


Then it was off to find some drawing pins that were relativly flat rather than rounded (for maximum sticking surface) and ones where I could take the coloured head off. I couldn’t find any plain metal ones which were flat so in the end I used ones from WHSmith. Taking the coloured covers off was a bit of a faff but wasn’t hard to do. Snip round the edge with a sharp pair of scissors and they pretty much came off on their own.

Next it’s time to superglue the pins onto the back of the buttons, trying to get them as central as possible.

Button Pins

And that’s pretty much it. I love how they look on the black card (you could cover your whole cork board with black paper if you wanted this as a background). I’ve had these for years and not had a problem with any falling off or anything like that (I was worried the buttons might come off as you take the pins out of the corkboard but no such problems).

Button Pins on Black

If you could find small enough magnets you could also use this sort of idea for fridge/whiteboard magnets. I always mean to go back and do some different sets of button pins… one day!   Button Pins on Corkboard

So that’s it for now. Have fun! H -x-